Our move was completed without a hitch. The team was professional and efficient. They took great care with our belongings.
Items missing from move, a one-bedroom apartment took 12 hours?! Really? And I had 4 helpers! Still waiting on a claim form to be sent... Worst move ever! Buyer Beware!
The best moving service ever.
Jim's Moving Service is fantastic. I bought a desk, hutch, and file cabinet and needed them moved to my house 2.5 miles away. Other companies didn't want such a small job and priced it out of sight. Sue at Jim's Moving Service was able to schedule me in-between some of the big jobs and the price was extremely reasonable. Thanks, Sue, for such outstanding customer service. I definitely recommend these guys for big or small moves.
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It has been several weeks but I cannot help the feeling that I was taken. You know you are in trouble when the first guy out of the truck says that he has not been a mover for some time. At about one and half hours into it the only thing loaded into the truck was a queen mattress and bedspring. At first I thought they were just going to make a full day of it but the foreman told me he was having problems with the other guy and they continued to argue about how to move stuff. At one point I was asked to hire another guy knowing I was on a tight budget I jumped in and started loading the truck myself. At about two and half hours I told them I just wanted them to load only the big stuff (as they continued to have communication problems) and leave the rest of the stuff for me. My two friends and I moved more stuff in two hours the day before than Jim's crew did in 5.5 hours with my help. To be fair there was a small staircase but the funny thing was that I had moved everything up that had to be moved down. One queen mattress,4 dressers, small refrigerator, small wine rack and linen chest. The one reason I hired them was to get a couch out that I ended up leaving at the residence because we could not get it out and never ended up trying. I would have let this go but everyone tells me that I got a really bad deal. I ended up working until 7:30 PM. Bill